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Interesting Ways Of Making Money As A Test Subject

Updated: May 15, 2021

In today's modern economy, your brain, your body, your child's toy box, and your opinions can help you in earning some extra cash.

Being a test subject for market researches, medical tests, or other similar opportunities allow people from young age to old age make some extra money in form of cash, cheques, loyalty points, and gift cards. If you are interested in trying out new products or experiences and share your thoughts about it with its creators, you can easily add some extra bucks to your bank account.

Here are some of the interesting ways to make money as a test subject.

Interesting Ways Of Making Money As A Test Subject

Making Money As A Test Subject
Making Money As A Test Subject

Share Your Opinions Through Market Research

Well, all of us have opinions about things, what about getting paid for voicing your opinions?. Every business runs on the basic principle of supply and demand. Businesses are always interested in knowing what the market is demanding, so they can supply it, therefore, they always need people like us to understand their audience.

You can start earning money by participating in focus groups and share your honest feedback in the form of group discussion or survey. Participation in these focus groups is based on your demographics and requires you to answer some questions to determine whether you qualify for the study or not.

Are you interested in trying a focus group?. There are many companies in the market that allows you to join a focus group, some of them are MindSwarms, Focuscope, Mediabarn Research, 20|20 Panel, etc.

Be A Part Of Medical Tests And Trials

If you are someone who is comfortable with medical procedures and don't mind being inspected or examined then being a part of medical test and trails can be a nice gig for you. Being a part of medical trials and tests requires you to fill out lots of paperwork like your medical history, proofs to support the paperwork submitted by you, and results of physical or other tests done to determine your qualification for the tests and trials.

Every year nearly 3,500 volunteers participate in the studies of the National Institute Of Health (NIH). According to the National Institute Of Health, it compensates volunteers for their time and in some cases for the inconvenience of a test/trial. The compensation for time is standard but for the inconvenience, it can vary depending on the condition.

As a volunteer, it's highly recommended to consider the risks and possible side effects of a study before taking part in it.

Paid Jury Duty For Mock Trial

Another interesting way to earn some extra cash is by being a surrogate juror. If you are interested in the judicial procedures of your district or country and meet the requirements for regular jury duty, you can earn money by reviewing cases and give feedback to the district or county.

You can find opportunities to participate in mock trials through companies like Online Verdict or Sign Up Direct.

Have Kids? Involve Them As Toy Testers

Do you have kids? why not get your kids in on the action?. There are many options available for kids age 3-13 years to test out toys in exchange for toys or gift cards. One of the famous toy testing programs in the market right now is from Hasbro.

The best way to get your family involved in toy testing programs is by following the social media of famous toy companies in the market. As we know that toy testing is a very competitive area, therefore it might be a little tough to get in but it's definitely worth a try.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this post and might have found something useful which can help you in making some extra cash.

Thank you so much for reading this post, please feel free to leave your feedback.

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