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How To Find Your Best Dropshipping Products

Dropshipping is quite an attractive model for selling stuff online because of the fact that it is quite easy to start a dropshipping business and there is no need to maintain inventory or product stocks like conventional e-commerce businesses.

There are many aspects to a successful dropshipping business, but one of the most crucial aspects of starting a dropshipping business - finding the right product to sell on your dropshipping store. Finding products to sell in your online store can be a daunting and time-consuming process, especially if you are a newbie to the world of e-commerce. It's critical that you add good, high quality, and novel products to your online store and sell them at an affordable price point to your customers.

In this post, we will try to help you in finding the best dropshipping products for your store and hope that by the end of this post, you will have all the necessary information you need in order to select products for your online dropshipping business.

How to find your best dropshipping products

As we stated earlier, the Dropshipping business is very easy to start and provide online entrepreneurs with a lot of options and freedom, but there are some important points that you will need to consider when you are finding products for your online store. Once you are well versed with the understanding of types of product which are best for your store you will be way ahead of your competition and will be successful in starting making sales.

Find Your Best Dropshipping Products
Find Your Best Dropshipping Products

Here we have broken down the important things that you will need to consider while finding the product for your dropshipping store


Find A Niche Product

Targeting a niche while starting any kind of business is quite a good idea because of the fact that there might be a chance of little to no competition, the same rule applies to dropshipping. Targeting a specific niche with your online store can turn out to be a great way to help you generate revenue and grow your business.

You can start by looking at Google Trends and do some study about the niches which have high potential at the moment, and understand them to gain a competitive edge in the market. Another simple idea can be to target specific seasonal niche like Christmas sweaters during Christmas time. The competition will be less if you are targeting a specific niche because of the fact that you will be targeting a more focused and smaller set of audience. This will make your marketing efforts much cheaper. It will also make it easy to have a good search ranking on google search which is great for the business in the future.

Remember, focusing on a specific niche doesn't mean that you can't expand to other areas later, you can always experiment with other products once you have secured a good position in your niche market. This will allow you to not only sell other products to your current customers but also help you in branching out to new segments and users.

Research Competitor Products

Understanding your competitors and researching their products and their sourcing and selling strategy can be a good starter while trying to find products for your online store. But remember the idea here is to be one step ahead of them if you are considering a product that your competitor is already selling, you will need to have better sourcing, pricing, and selling strategy otherwise it will be of no use for you.

You can simply start your competitor research by doing a quick google search for the products you are interested in dropshipping. It will highlight the kind of competition you might have and from there you can dig a little deeper and figure out what to sell.

Find Trending Products

It is always a nice idea to dropship products that are currently trending in the market. If you are struggling with finding products for your dropshipping store, try to look into the products which are trending in the market right now. You can have a great advantage if you manage to sell trending products on your store before it reaches the commercial masses. You can establish yourself as a trustable name and will be able to sell without spending much on marketing.

You can find products that are likely to be trending in the future using Google Trends, Wish, Kickstarter, Republic, etc.

Explore Social Shopping Website

Exploring Social shopping website is also an interesting way to research and find some good ideas for dropshipping products. Social shopping sites provide a shared shopping experience between the network of people where sharing includes sharing products with your friends and liking and commenting on the products.

You can explore these websites and understand how people use them. It will not only help in getting product ideas but will also help in identifying your audience. Some of the popular social shopping websites that you can check are Pinterest, Etsy, Fancy, Fab, etc.

Once you have some ideas about the products that you want to sell on your online dropshipping store, you will also need to think of your pricing strategy.

Pricing strategy

Always remember, the main aim of a business is to make a profit, the same applies to the dropshipping business also. If your dropshipping business is not doing that then it is of no use for you. So after doing your product research and competitor analysis, spend some time understanding supplier pricing, shipping rates, and other business costs to see if you are able to make some profit or not.

You can make some base rules of selling on your online store, for example, you will only sell products which you can sell for at least $15 more than the price of your product supplier. Using this way you will be able to cover up the cost of the product, shipping, and other cost and will still have some profit for you.

We know finding a good product for your online store is not so easy and even if you find something you believe in, there is no assurance that it will work out. While the tips and guidance in this post will definitely help you in making a more informed decision, still there is no way to know for sure whether you will succeed or not. You will have to dive in and explore as much as you can. So the best thing you can do is do your research and gather as much information as possible. But then learn from it and make your informed decision despite your fears. Just keep in mind, if you wait for the perfect solution, you will never get started.

Thank you so much for reading this post, please feel free to leave your feedback.

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