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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging In 2020

Updated: May 15, 2021

Blogging is simply one of the best ways to express yourself online. With it being both practically free and potentially valuable to start blogging, every day new people are joining the blogging community. So why should you start blogging in 2020? What is so good about blogging that means you should give it a try too?.

Reasons to start blogging
Reasons To Start Blogging

Blogging is good for you and your career.

Blogging is good for your career. A well-executed blog sets you apart as an expert in your field.” - Penelope Trunk

So let's start with our list of reasons which might give you some motivation to start blogging in 2020. Here we go :

1. Chance of potential financial gain

Let's bet honest, there is no fun in doing something and not gaining any kind of financial gain out of it. So let's start by stating that "Yes", it is very much possible to earn money through blogging, lots of people are already doing it. With today's world of nomadic culture, blogging is easily a potential full-time job and a decent amount of income can be generated if a blog reaches it's potential. There are many ways to monetize your blog, some of the most common ways are advertising on the blog, creating sponsored content, creating digital content like ebooks for purchase, and many more, but most importantly it will lead you to a career in blogging which can open unimaginable avenues for you in terms of opportunity.

2. Chance to stand out

According to “the 1 percent rule,” only 1% of Internet users regularly create new content, while the other 99% of the users simply consume it. By being an active blogger you can separate yourself from the other internet users who are just consuming content.

We are in the era of cut-throat competition, so it's always good to be different from others plus what's the fun in being the part of the crowd.

3. Helps in improving writing ability

Starting a blog can have a huge positive impact on your writing ability. In the initial stage, it might feel weird and inadequate. But as you get into the flow of writing, you will notice that you are getting better. The thoughts and words will start coming to you automatically and you will be able to develop a style of your own.

Through continuous writing, you will be able to get a good understanding of what people like or dislike which will not only help you in being proactive as a writer but will also expand your horizon of creativity.

4. Chance of meeting new people

Starting a blog will expose you to a huge group of new people. The people who enjoy your blogs don't have to be just "audience". You might meet people from the blogging community, make friends out of your audience, or probably meet someone special, you never know. You might meet people who can open new business opportunities or networks for you which will be helpful for you in the future.

5. Chance of learning new technological skills

Well, blogging is not just about writing, it requires much more than just writing. It's quite difficult to not learn various other skills while blogging.

Some of the skills that you might learn while blogging are search engine optimization(SEO), content management, social media marketing, creating website graphics or designs, email marketing, and many more. The usage of these skills is not limited to blogging and is heftily used in almost every aspect of the current digital era.

We hope, we have given good enough reasons for you to start blogging. So what are you waiting for?. Go out create your own little universe on the Internet. We promise you will not regret it.

Thank you so much for reading this article, please feel free to leave your feedback on blogging and why people should start blogging.

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