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Stay Home: 10 Genuine Ways To Make Money Online

Updated: May 15, 2021

As the whole world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemics, everyday things are getting hard for the government as well as citizens. There are many of us who are not able to go to their work due to the mayhem caused by COVID-19 and money is getting tighter day by day. The main aim at the moment is to stop the spread of the virus and currently the only way we can do that is by staying home. But don't worry, you can still Make Money While Staying at Home.

We are in the golden age of the internet. At this point, you can do basically anything from your computer including making some extra money. Yes, you can watch videos, fill surveys, sell service, invest, work full time, and work part-time from behind your computer display.

10 "Interesting Ways to Make Money'"
Make money online

It's totally up to you whether you want to find a side hustle or jump to a full-time career, here are some of the interesting ways to earn extra money online.

1. Sell your photos (you don't have to be a professional photographer)

We all love taking photos and sometimes we must have clicked some good thought-out photos which can be used for more than just getting likes on Instagram. You can upload those photos to stock photography sites. And the best part is that they don’t have to be professional. Many businesses or photo buyers are looking for more realistic images rather than the so-called perfect photos. You won't get a bag full of money, but still, some extra money never hurts anyone. Foap, for example, splits the profits with the photographer evenly for every purchase made through them.

2. Help writers as a proofreader

If you love reading and have a great understanding of the laws of grammar, then you can be a perfect person to make money online as a proofreader. The average per-page earning for freelance proofreaders is somewhere between $0.35 to $0.45. Proofread Anywhere, an online course can teach you how to become a proofreader find freelance clients.

3. Be a search engine evaluator for search engines like Google

As we know, search engines use complicated algorithms to find the results you see, and sometimes they don’t get it right. They are exposed to errors like any other system, so they require real humans to look at the results and judge them for quality, relevance, and usefulness. Those humans are called search engine evaluators and are paid usually around $12 an hour for it.

There are many companies like Lionbridge, Appen, etc who usually hire for these kinds of jobs hiring for these jobs. You can go to their official website and check if you can find something for you.

4. Make the internet a better place

Have you heard of user-testing? No?, It's ok we will tell you about it. User testing helps the websites in understanding the minds of their customers which are just like you. There are a lot of websites out there looking for user tests. You can search for sites like UserTesting, where you can make up to $50 per user test.

5. Show your writing or editing skill and be a freelance writer or editor

In today's world generating a living as a freelance writer, editor, or both are very much possible. There are many freelancers out there who are working as a full-time freelancer and making more than $45,000 easily. Starting as a freelance is definitely not so easy but still, it's worth giving a shot. There are many websites out there to start as a freelance writer for example Pepper

6. Be a virtual transcriber

If you are a good listener and a good typist, then you can make $15 to $22 an hour easily as a transcriptionist. All you have to do is listen to audio recording and typing what you hear.

You will be paid per audio hour, so this requires some great focusing skills. If an hour-long audio recording takes you 2 hours to transcribe, you still only get paid for 1 hour, so you have to be sharp and fast. Some of the websites like TranscribeMe or Transcribe Anywhere are a good place to get started.

7. Design and sell t-shirts

If you are creative, knows your way to fashion, and knows some catchy puns then you can put your designs on T-shirts and selling them through Merch By Amazon. You can upload your designs to the platform, select various types of products, and set your own price on products. When customers buy your designed products, you don’t have to worry about production, shipping, or customer service. You will earn a royalty each time a product is sold. 

8. Make extra money from your computer or mobile phone

Are you already occupied with too many things and don't have the energy to invest in any other kind of side hustle?. No problem, this will not take much of your effort. There is a free rewards website called Swagbucks, which will pay you to watch videos, yes you heard it right. All you have to do is to select videos you want to watch and answer some simple questions about them. There are many people out there who are already using this app you make some extra cash while sitting at their couch.

9. Share your grocery list

There is a company called Nielsen that wants to know what’s in your grocery list and give rewards and free gift cards for sharing it with them. All you have to do is join Nielsen Consumer Panel, which will give access to the NCPMobile app for scanning the item barcode from your next grocery shopping trip. Nielsen will reward you with points, which you can redeem for free gift cards, electronics, and household items. The application to become a member is simple and straightforward. They will ask some basic questions about you and your household, then they will review your application and will contact you when you are eligible to join.

10. Write and sell ebooks

If you are an expert in some subject matter or have an interesting experience that people might enjoy, you could write a book and self-publish it as an ebook through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Platform.

The good part is that the ebook don't have to be hundreds of page long. There are many writers out there who published books as short as 10,000 words and started making money from it instantaneously.

We hope you are now ready to start exploring some of these tricks. Remember these are just the tip of the iceberg. The internet is full of a lot of other tricks like these and constantly adding up other ways to make money, so keep exploring and experimenting.

Thank you so much for reading this post, please feel free to leave your feedback.

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